An Autumnal Paper Tree!

With December now hot on our heels, I'm making the most of the last few autumnal leaves and flashes of gold, red and amber which have adorned the trees for weeks now. This past week has been decidedly more frosty than the previous ones, and there has been plenty of snow on the mountains, heralding winter's arrival.

So when I stumbled across this extremely cute DIY I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this final week of November before I dive into all things Christmassy next Tuesday! I followed instructions from Pikadilly Charm's blog post here, and while this craft is set up to be one for children come autumn, I couldn't resist doing it myself, and I think it makes a lovely autumnal decoration for my windowsill.

All you need is a plain brown paper bag, which you can find almost anywhere. I actually used one I had in my craft pile from a previous birthday present, but you should also be able to pick these up at any craft shop, online or even from old shopping trips where some places still provide brown paper bags. Personally, I wish every shop still used brown paper bags - I much prefer them to the plastic variety and they always look so cute, and come in handy for crafting! I also used a paper punch which was heart shaped to cut out some leaves.

If you want to make one of these yourself, the full directions can be found here.

So after lots of cutting, scrunching, gluing and some more cutting (to get the base of the tree looking more like roots) I was done! I really like how this turned out too. I purposely left some of the branches bare to reflect the fallen leaves, and also chose not to twist all of the branches together as I like the thicker, stockier look some of them have against the more spindly looking ones. 

Come spring I think I'll do this again to re-create some of my favourite blossoms that come out. You could also carry out the first few steps but leave off the leaves, paint the tree with some white or silver paint, add some glitter and make it into a more wintry tree too. I'd also like to try this out with some smaller bags to create some mini trees! Really enjoyed this particular DIY and I found all of the twisting quite therapeutic as well. 

I'm linking up with the lovely Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday this week.

Hope you've all had a lovely Tuesday!



  1. That's really nice. My trees has just dumped their leaves with this cold snap! Some parts of my drive are knee deep in sycamore leaves.

  2. As you know I love this. The little extras of the conkers and acorns are so sweet and finish it off beautifully.

  3. Such a sweet little tree for autumn and I like your idea for a spring version of it!

  4. O, that is wonderful I like your paper tree. You are very creative.

  5. How adorable! That tree is so cute! I hope you post a picture of your spring tree. I'm guessing you will do pink blossoms?

  6. How cute! Not many leaves left on the trees here only a few dead ones hanging on and fluttering about in the wind :) A spring one sounds like it would be fun in the spring. I hope you're having a good Thursday!

    Ps. In case you don't check your twitter DMs often I sent you a message there yesterday. No rush or worries, just wanted to make sure you knew it was there 😊xx

  7. That's actually quite awesome. I really like this one! I hope you make one for each season, then you can have a set.

  8. What an effective idea!!!! It has that wonderful sense of gnarled branches of an old tree in Autumn!x


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