Christmas Crafts: The Origami/Papercraft Edition

This will be my final craft related post of 2016, so I thought it would be only fair to finish off the year with my favourite form of papercraft; origami. Now while some of these projects may be more papercraft-y in nature (for the origami purists out there) I'd like to think this is the Christmas Crafts: Origami Edition, and I hope you enjoy these, as they're all quick and inexpensive to make. So if you're looking for some last minute room decor or some decoration for gifts and cards, these may come in handy, and origami works wonders for anxiety and nerves if you're feeling the pressure at this time of year too.

Origami Arctic Fox

I've made several origami foxes before, but for this Christmas I wanted some more origami animals on my desk, and knew that just simply using plain, white paper to create an Arctic fox would work wonders. This model is also slightly different to the ones I've shared before as you curl the tail inwards as opposed to folding it. I then just added a nose and some happy eyes, and you're done!

The tutorial for this little fox is here.

Mini Snowman Bunting

As soon as I found this one I knew I had to make one of these for my wardrobe door. You simply fold a piece of A4 in half, cut, fold up into sections (as in the video below), draw out your template, cut and unfold! Really easy, really quick and it looks great when hung up. The benefits of these is also that you can use any type of paper, any template and any size/length depending on how long you want your bunting to be, and you can use these all year round with different designs too. I stuck with the snowman design as I thought it was cute, but I've also seen stars and gingerbread men, which would also be cute for Christmas.

The tutorial for the bunting is here.

Miniature Origami Polar Bear

A very quick origami is this little polar bear - it took me seconds to do and you just need to add some eyes and a nose for the finished look! I love it because it looks so much like a little polar bear cub just nosing around in the snow for some treats!

The tutorial for this little bear is here.

Paper Angels

Red Ted Art made a very cute and quick DIY on this just the other day and I thought for my final crafty piece for 2016 that this would do nicely. All you need is some paper, a bead / something small and round for the angel's head and some twine / string to hang them. I just used a white plastic bead I had in my jewellery making bag, and secured it with some super glue, before hanging mine with some red twine, but you can use anything for these, and the paper doesn't have to be white either, as a patterned design would look great too. 

The tutorial from Red Ted Art is here.

The little angel might be my favourite one out of the lot, but I love making things like these and it's one of the reasons I do miss Christmas when it goes - no more cute wintry crafts, but then I've got the rest of the year and all of those other crafting opportunities to look forward to! Also, make sure to head over to Stella and Sarah's blog as Two Uses Tuesday has finally come to an end so there are no link-ups today, but they're sharing the Best of 2016 over on their blogs. So thank you to Stella and Sarah for asking me to link-up with them throughout the year, it's kept me nice and creative and I hope I can keep it up into 2017 too.

Mini Blog Update: 

I've got a short and sweet Christmas Eve post coming on the 24th and then I'll be blogging again on the 30th (Last Photo Friday of the year!) and then it'll be a switch over to my new blog, The Happy Larkspur. 

In the meantime, enjoy these last few crafts, and I hope you've all had a lovely start to the week!




  1. I love all of these but the arctic fox is especially cute! xx

  2. I tried re-following this blog earlier as it does annoy me that your posts never show up in my blogger list... and this one did! Typical you're now switching to Wordpress, hehe! Hopefully I'll be able to follow you there with no problems.

    These paper creations are great - I like the polar bear best I think!

    Thank for dropping by with another comment earlier. I enjoyed the triffids though it was not what I expected it to be (I thought there would be more actual triffid-ness!) having never seen a film version or anything.

    1. I forgot to say I have written a bit of a review of the triffids already which will be on my blog at the end of the month. I've been very lazy with blogging this month but have some photos I will probably post soon too.

  3. Hope all is okay. :-( I haven't ever tackled origami--it does remind me of childhood and some of the crafts we did in the classroom. I'm pretty sure we did something like those snowmen at some point! Hope you have a great holiday season!!!

  4. The origami is very cute, I hope you're okay and the mini-blog break does you well.

  5. Well done, these are lovely, esp the fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do hope you are ok, whatever has happened...x

  6. How lovely. That angel would look lovely hanging on a tree, perhaps a fairy light behind a clear bead.

  7. That fox is precious. & how clever is the polar bear.
    I know my angel would never come out that proportioned.

  8. They're all so cute! I hope everything is okay, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :) xx

  9. Wow! I love the snowmen and fox!! So cute! :)

  10. Looks cute!
    Happy Holidays!
    Gil Zetbase


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