One Fair Autumn Afternoon

With December now finally upon us I wanted to share these photos I took while out near Kendal from mid November, before I dive into all of the wintry goodness that nature has to offer come December time (I've got some snow capped mountains to show you all). I'm also a little sad to see autumn come to an end this year as I've really enjoyed watching the leaves change. 

I didn't spend as much time noticing the change in colour last year as I have done this time around, so not being able to see the vibrant oranges and reds everywhere will be strange for a few days, but I am very excited for frosty mornings! While they're always undoubtedly and obviously chilly, hoar frost always means some great photo opportunities and is one of my favourite sights come winter, so Jack Frost, I'm ready for you!

The weather on this day was particularly inclement (that's one of my favourite words) and was switching from sunshine one minute, to rain and dark clouds the next. However, when the sun did appear it hit this particular tree beautifully and highlighted the shadows the leaves created, which looked quite dramatic against the blue/grey sky behind.

The leaves on this tree looked almost like springtime blossoms when the sun hit as they shone up almost coral pink.

I love old stone walls and whenever I see ones like these, covered in moss, it always reminds me of Labyrinth (one of my all time favourite films) and I always find them enchanting. The few dried autumn leaves which were laying on top of the wall added to that crisp autumn day feeling I had while I was out too, and a few birds (I think they were blue tits) landed on the branches behind while I was out, so I sat and watched them for a moment before I left.

I couldn't resist another photo of the moss covered wall!

This might be my favourite out of them all. I love seeing dappled light anywhere but when it falls across the trunk of a tree like this it looks amazing to me. This tree had vast, wide branches covered in leaves so when the sun moved and the clouds shifted, they created these canopies which cast these impressive shadows over the trunk.

This was a pleasant surprise that day as I was in the area running an errand and I wasn't planning on taking my camera with me that day as I wasn't sure I'd get any photos (especially considered the forecast that day; clouds and rain) so I was happy to get these and I thought they would be a nice ending to what has been a busy November for me!

I'm linking up with the lovely Jen for Photo Friday today.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Up until a few days ago, the trees near my home were still covered in oranges and reds. I loved it. BUT we have a drought here, so it was good that it rained this week. Only now all of the colors are gone and trees are bare. :( Oh well – usually the trees are bare much earlier in the year. This is the first year the color has made it to almost December (or at least that I'm aware of).

  2. Really nice photos Tasha! I like the stones covered in moss. Like you, I am sad to see fall go. It is getting quite cold in here and I am not sure I like that. Anyway, can't wait to see your snow photos. #PhotoFriday

  3. I would have believed you if you said they were spring time photos! The sky is so blue!
    Love those moss covered stones!

  4. Lovely bright shots! Not as bright as that here today, bit mizzly

  5. These are some great shots!Nice captures of the autumn colors. I like things made of stones, I find them quite artistic, whether a fence, a wall or a castle!

  6. That one really does look like a spring day! Hard to believe it was taken at the same time as the others but their is something kinda special about those changeable days :)
    I could spend days taking pictures of stone walls! 😊xxx

  7. A beautiful collection of photos and lovely light too :)

  8. I love those greens - and that moss covered wall is just beautiful!

  9. I think it's really important to appreciate all the seasons. It is so easy to bemoan the cold of winter, or the heat and humidity of summer, the muddy walks of spring when the frost first comes out of the ground, the bittersweet nature of fall, but every season can bring joy to the heart of a positive individual. They are part of the infinitely interesting cycle of life and offer treasures in abundance for those who care to seek them out. Whatever the weather brings embrace it and enjoy it!

  10. For a moment there, I thought they were blossoms and was wondering what tree was blossoming in the winter.

    Oh, I love moss! It's one of my favourite things, it always adds something to rocks that makes them extra special. Plus, it's always so green and I love anything green!

    I didn't quite see the leaves disappear for winter, I feel like one day they were here, the next just a lot of wind and then poof! it's winter! But I'm enjoying it. It's bitterly cold, frosty but oh so sunny. It's so peaceful.

    I love these photos. It's just everything I love about nature all in one place.

  11. Oooh, these are really beautiful! Yeeeeesss, I adore that final dappled light shot! Amazing!!x


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