Pet Snowballs & Winter Berry Twigs

With Christmas mode now in full swing and the approaching holiday seemingly just around the corner, I've been making the most of the colder days and spending them wrapped up indoors crafting, and I have two new festive / winter themed crafts to share with you today. 

I forgot to add this to the original post but this is the last time we can link up for Two Uses Tuesday so I thought it best to share two of my favourite winter crafts for this, and then next week they're sharing the best of 2016 to celebrate! So I wanted to say thank you to Stella and Sarah for inviting me to join in as this has kept me nice and creative throughout the year, and I'm going to carry on keeping Tuesday as my 'creative' day when I switch blogs in 2017.

Pet Snowball

I spent some time looking at how to make pom poms without a pom pom maker this week, and this video is a good one to follow, especially if you've never made one before. I wanted to create something cute and quick that would look good as a decoration or even as a gift, and I got to work creating a pet snowball for winter. 

If you follow the video above you simply take any colour yarn (I used white for obvious reasons) and wrap it around your fingers however many times is desired for the size of your pom pom. For this particular snowball I wrapped it around my fingers 170 times, before taking another piece of yarn and threading it through the middle to tie it all together. Once the loop is tightened, you remove it from your fingers, take a pair of scissors and cut along the middle section, before trimming it down to size / shape. It's not too easy to explain in writing, so follow the video above for a more detailed explanation, but once your pom pom is done all you need are some googly eyes and you're finished!

It took me about 15 minutes in total to make one of these, and the majority of the time was spent shaping and styling the pom pom. I left some of the strands slightly longer than the others to give it some character, and just used some super glue to make sure the eyes stayed stuck. The little pinecone snow globe next to my snowball is another craft project my Mum made for me using an old Nutella jar, some twine, glitter and a pinecone - you just super glue the pinecone down to the lid, add the glitter and you're done!

Faux Winter Berry Twigs

For this next craft I wanted something which was seasonal and botanical to help my room feel a little more wintry, while also paying homage to some of my favourite sights come wintertime - spotting hedgerows with pops of red from holly bushes!

 My Mum had these fake branches which had come from a decorative flower piece, so they were perfect for reusing, but finding twigs at craft or flower shops are quite easy to come by, and are usually fairly cheap too. I used fake branches as they were easier to paint and meant that I could keep them for longer, but you could also do this with real branches too, if you find any that have fallen onto the ground while out walking, or you've got some cuttings from gardening. For the berries I used red buttons, but this will also work well with red pom poms too. 

I just painted the twigs and leaves with white acrylic paint, and left to dry, before adding on the buttons with PVA glue. I then took some thick, red yarn and using super glue attached it to this old diffuser bottle I had, to create the shape of a gift box. I also tied a length around the neck of the bottle before tying to form a 'bow'. If you don't have yarn you can use ribbon or twine. 

Once I had everything in place and how I liked it, I left it all to dry and the cut down the base of the twig so it fit neatly into the bottle. You can also re-create this throughout the seasons, with different colour schemes, buttons / pom poms and even other fake flowers too, I think I'll make a similar one come spring with some earthy shades and bright blooms, but I really like how this came out and the colours work well together too.

If you try your hand at either of these or are inspired ot create your own designs I'd love to see your photos / posts from it so let me know if you try these.

I'm linking up with Stella and Sarah for Two Uses Tuesday today. 

Hope you're all having a lovely day!




  1. The pet snowball is adorable!!! I can make those for all my nieces - they'd totally love that.

  2. Oh man Natasha, I love this. I'd keep them all year long. So, so cute

  3. Two fab makes!
    I love the pet snowball! Going to have to make one of those! Xx

  4. I also love the pompom snowball. Sweet with the little eyes.

  5. Both of the DIYs are so unique - I've not seen them before! The pet snowball is utterly adorable, oh my gosh.


  6. They look great! You are clever and so creative!!x

  7. Love, love, love and am very inspired! This year I couldn't afford any new decorations and some places feel a little bare. I also don't really want to spend any money on things that are only on show for a couple weeks so DIYs are the way forward. I think I may make a little army of snowball pets to use as a garland haha!


  8. So creative! I kind of want to give the kids I watch a "pet snowflake". I mean if they can drag "pet rocks" around, then why not a fluffy snowflake? ;)

    The beaded berry twig is lovely. If I had more time and a need for decorations, I would definitely make that. I bet it would be pretty stuck in a white Christmas tree – just that pop of red. Or even as a decoration on the table for Christmas dinner. Ah! I can see so many uses for it! :)

  9. Oh I love these bits! How cute is the googly eye snow ball! Can't wait to see what else you come up with this December!

  10. LOVE your crafts! I especially love the little pet snowball and that it's a bit uneven. It definitely adds character.

    Hope you've been well! :) xoxox


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