Project 365: The Favourite Five - November!

I know this has become a cliche but this year is flying by, and I can't believe that I only have one month left now to go before another year of Project 365 is done. I'm not sure if I will do it again next year (the first time I did 365 was in 2014) so I may skip the next year and pick it up again come 2018, which feels like a lifetime away if I am honest! Having said that this year has been really fun for me in terms of photos and while I'm no photographer and won't refer to myself as one, I am loving learning more, picking up tricks and getting tips and advice from the very talented bloggers and photographers I interact with online, as well as all of the encouraging comments I get here - they've definitely spurred me on this year, so thank you!

So, without further ado, here are my five favourites from this month!

1. Droplets

I was waiting in the car one afternoon while my Mum had popped out and I loved the way the autumn trees seemed to turn into a watercolour painting as the rain outside fell on the windscreen. Listening to rain hitting windows is also one of my favourite sounds, it's incredibly comforting, and I always sleep the best when it's raining. 

2. Snow Covered Fells

My first glimpse of snow this year on the fells! This was my first 'snow' photo of 2016 and it couldn't have come at a better time as I was feeling quite low that day. The peaks only had a sprinkling but it looked so pretty against the blue sky, and the autumn colours from the ferns, scrub and heather which had now turned for the year made it all the more wintry!

3. Amber Light

Autumn calls for cosy warm evenings and the glow from my light, and this evening fit the mood perfectly. I've been using a lot of candles throughout this month but a couple of weeks back I finally burned through my last one so I've had to use my main light in the evening again, but it looked particularly amber and cosy this evening. 

4. Neon

My Mum and I had popped out briefly to the shops on this evening and I loved the bright colour and the glow from this shop's neon lights so much that I had to take a photo. I cropped the edge slightly because I wanted that nice contrast between the black of the night sky and the yellow from the light, and this for some reason, reminds me of the kind of image you see on an album cover!

5. Frosty Beginnings

Waking to hoar frost on the plants in the garden outside is a sure sign that winter is finally on it's way and I won't lie, this is one of my favourite sights come the colder seasons. I just think it's incredibly pretty and I still love the old legend and folktale that throughout the night Jack Frost has been about! 

While November has been an odd and busy month for me I hope yours has been better and brighter and if you're still doing Project 365 let me know what your highlight of November have been!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend and that the week ahead goes well for you all!



  1. Those first two shots are particularly stunning

  2. Great shots, Tasha! I love your first 'watercolour' effect of the rain drops and the frosty plants look good too!
    A great year for you and your camera!

  3. very interesting photos .
    i loved the second one most.
    best wishes for you upcoming tasks dear.

  4. I love the snow photo with snow on the hills. Very nice.

  5. I love a good frosty morning! It was so frosty here this morning you could have mistaken it for snow.

    I think I might also stop my 365 project next year, or at least, I feel like I want to be more relaxed with it. It has definitely made me think more about other types of photos that are not just nature. I just wish I was better at indoor photos and what not.

    Maybe that should be why I continue my 365 project to get more practice in. I'll have to think about it.

  6. Hey!

    Great photos, I love the composition of them all! My favourite is the rain droplets on the windscreen.

    I look forward to having a snoop around your blog back catalogue, and can't wait to view your new posts in the future!

    I think Project 365 is something I should consider for next year. :)


  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous droplets!!! They are exquisite!!


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