When Seaton Was Yarn Bombed!

If you haven't seen or heard of yarn bombing before it is truly brilliant and each time I get a glimpse of it online or outside, it instantly makes me smile. I wish more places indulged in it as it's a great way to get communities involved in a project, whilst bringing colour and character to an area. 

This year The Seaton's Seasonal Secrets Group created hundreds of adorable and colourful creations which are hanging all over Seaton, from benches to fences, and as soon as I saw them when I went to  post a letter a few weeks ago I had to get some photos to share with you all, especially as this is the first time I've ever come across yarn bombing in real life.

This might be my favourite element - a  yarn Christmas tree complete with decorations! The stockings are my favourite.

I really liked the way the group included everyday inanimate objects and turned them into cute and colourful things. 

If only the world looked like this 24/7!

Usually these metal bars don't call for much attention, other than serving as a place to rest bikes and where most of the dog owners secure their dogs while they're in the shops, but covered in their new yarn attire they looked very sweet.

I loved this bunting, which was stretched across several areas, but with the little yarn bells beneath them they looked really sweet here.

The metal bike riders on the bridge here were given jumpers and hats! The red and white one with the green bobble was my favourite; perfectly festive colours.

And they even created something colourful for the bin! 

This was all done as part of the annual Christmas lights switch on (which I missed) and apparently the group were also selling some of the yarn creations on the day, so if they do this again next year I'll have to get it into my calendar as I was sad to find out I'd missed the switching on but sometimes life gets in the way. 

Has your local area ever gotten involved in something like this, or has there ever been any yarn bombing near you?

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Have a lovely weekend all!



  1. O, that is cute! Here we call it wild- breien :-) Breien = knitting. I love the crocheted flags on your first photo. Very nice.

  2. Oh how fun! I always love hearing about yarn bombings. They are always so colorful! I can't believe they "yarned" the trash can, though. Hilarious! :)

  3. Oh this is wonderful, I love the tree!

  4. This just makes me happy.
    I have never seen a yarn bomb in person & am always in amazement of the time people make creating these things & leaving for the world to see :)

  5. These are SO cute!!! I've never heard of a yarn bombing before. What fun!

  6. Colors abound everywhere...wow! :)

    Have a Merry Christmas :)

  7. I have read several newspaper articles about it but have yet to see any yarnbombing for myself.

    Wonderfully festive, I especially love those bells.

  8. Oh I love the yarn bombing, it's so much fun. I don't think I've even seen something in particular, but I've come across the odd bit here and there. There was a statue in town that had yarn all on it and it just looked awesome, definitely brought a smile to my face.

    I love the Christmas tree, that is the cutest! and the little yarn bells!

  9. I've heard about the concept many times before, though never actually seen what it looks like - the bike's metal bars are SO much more fun and colourful this way haha!


  10. Looks so cute!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  11. When I was in Britain last year year I saw examples of this several times and always found it interesting - kind of whimsical and amusing in a way. Best wishes for the holidays and success, happiness and good friends in 2017 and beyond.

  12. This is fab! I've never seen any yarnbombing for myself, but seen news articles etc.
    Everything looks so pretty! I love the bike riders on the bridge in their outfits! The bells are really clever. And the bike rack bars look so much better with their lovely covers! And the bin - that's amazing!
    Great photos! X

  13. I love that christmas tree in the first photo! And despite having seen those cyclists before, I saw snakes again this time!


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