Winter Peaks & Blue Skies

 Over the past couple of weeks snow has been steadily falling over the peaks here in Cumbria, and the fells have been covered in beautiful dustings of snow. Last week the snowfall was particularly heavy but I didn't manage to get out to get many photos, so these ones are from early in November, but I am holding out hope that we get some more snow soon, and if I manage to get anymore snowy photos I will definitely be sharing them with you all.

With blue, sunny skies and wispy clouds overhead, the touches of snow on the peaks all looked beautiful together.

There was still some autumnal colouring on the trees in the area too which complimented the scenes perfectly.

I love how rural the mountains look when they have some snow on them, along with the russet, reddy colour of the ferns and plants which have changed to their autumn colours. I saw some photos on a Facebook group last week which showed that the snow had been deep enough on places like Skiddaw and Helvellyn that people had gone up there to do some hiking in the snow! 

This is definitely my favourite photo of the whole set, with the white peaks set against the blue sky. It's the perfect wintry scene to be seeing around this time of year and it's definitely gotten me into the mood for Christmas!

I'm linking up with the lovely Jen for Photo Friday today.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!




  1. Oh wow these photos are gorgeous! I'm so jeal you've had snow! I haven't seen snow in like four years :( Portsmouth rarely gets snow, but I'm hoping now I've moved inland a bit I will see some this year, or next year :)

    Amber Love Blog

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this photos. Hope I see snow photos soon on your blog. Great nature in your area. And magnefiek fotography :-)

  3. This is cool because there is a nice contrast between the peaks and the lower parts. I am assuming the entire area gets covered with snow at one time. It will be nice to see how it changes as it gets colder. Enjoy your weekend! #PhotoFriday

  4. The first dusting of snow is so pretty on the mountaintops. The autumn colors add a special loveliness.

  5. Beautiful landscape photography. I love how some Autumnal colours have still stuck around through to winter, - like you say, they make for great imagery! :)


  6. The touches of snow are so super pretty.

  7. Ah snow. I love snow.

    We haven't had any here in Belgium yet and we don't have any peaks or hills big enough to get a pretty dusting like that either.

    I think it makes the peaks look such much more mountainous with the snow on.

  8. So beautiful. That's the best kind of snow--the kind that doesn't keep you trapped in your house or force you to shovel for hours just to get out of your driveway!

  9. Beautiful pictures! Seeing the snowy mountain caps always makes me feel festive.

  10. I love seeing snow on mountain tops. I live in the south US, so that is pretty rare for me. :)

  11. Apart from the odd frost we have yet to have any festive weather here in Newcastle so it is wonderful to see these snow topped mountains.

  12. WONDERFUL photos! They really do look amazing those mountains!!x

  13. Beautiful scenes - the last of the bunch is also my favourite.


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