I've Moved: Come Find Me at The Happy Larkspur!

This is a warm goodbye to Through Tasha's Camera.

This blog has been my base and my creative escape for the last 4 / 5 years and I've loved every second of it. I've had about 3 different blogs now and each of them has been on Blogger and while I love Blogger - it's easy to use, has simple designs and it's a popular blogging platform - I wanted to try something new for 2017 so you can find  me now over there from the 3rd of January onwards.

Simply click the banner above and it should take you over to my new blog!

The content will be the same but it's a new blog, a new name and a different website. I'll post each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday as I've been doing here, but I wanted a change of scenery and to try out something new to keep myself on my toes and to encourage me to seek out more fun and joy in 2017 as I feel like I've let my worries gets to me this year hence the new blog name, The Happy Larkspur. I want to be happier and have more fun, and a larkspur is my birth flower for the month of July so it seemed fitting to mesh nature and joy together - two things I strive to have in my life!

I will leave this blog up and open so if you ever want to come back and search through my old posts for something you liked or were inspired by you can still do that, but this is the official final post on Through Tasha's Camera.

Thank you for all of the kind comments and inspiration, here's to new adventures, fun and inspiration.

I hope to see you all there!



  1. Sounds great!

    Love, Janine

  2. This is all very exciting! Love the new blog name and the reason behind it, can't wait to follow along with your new adventures. Or the same adventures, new space!
    M x

  3. Good for you! I hope to see you at your new site!

  4. YES! Going over right now to find you!

  5. Popping over there right now - love the new name! C x

  6. That's great!
    Happy New Year!
    Gil Zetbase

  7. Looking forward to joining you over at your new home.


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